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Susanne Geyer

Hello, I am Susanne Geyer from Munich.
Since 2011 permanently living in Hoensbroek (Heerlen), the Netherlands.

Even as a child I was a passionate draughtsman.

After portraits and nude painting I became enthusiastic about pop art, graphic design, but also "reverse glass painting".

My career in healthcare was my second passion and I put all my energy into it for 30 years. Of that, I worked for 13 years in Munich as a natural healer in my own practice. In 2005 I moved to Aachen, where I worked in my own practice for another 5 years.

The urge to devote myself completely to painting was unstoppable. Now I live with my husband in Hoensbroek, where I finally have my own studio.

My artistic curiosity leads me through all styles. I have received support from many great artists. Where my artistic work will lead me, I don't know yet. There is still much to discover. Painting and designing is my great passion and an ongoing adventure.

Name: Susanne Geyer