Art and its many applications are unfortunately still too often seen and experienced as an elitist event.
Events such as TEFAF and the specialized galleries contribute to this image.
In our vision art is for everyone and art in its many applications should also become more easily accessible.
We are referring in particular to the socially disadvantaged, schoolchildren, students, the elderly and people without work, who are usually deprived of the added value that art can have for each individual because of their special social position.
Artists understand better than anyone the satisfaction people can find in developing their talents and sharing the results with others.


The Foundation wants: by creating a platform for amateur, semi-professional and professional artists, who live and/or work and/or are unemployed in the Parkstad region, or have a connection with this region, to offer them the space to develop and present their art.
To promote the possibility of establishing social contacts between the artists and the local residents.
To work together with other art initiatives to create an artistic and cultural spring within our region; to compensate for the negative consequences of not having a job through low-cost workshops and thereby contribute to improving self-esteem.
To give vacant buildings in the Parkstad a meaningful and also attractive purpose and thus prevent vandalism and pauperization.